Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This iPhone you can buy for 20k - but you 'll regret it The SE model is obsolete technology and still not worth the price .

While it would seem like a good opportunity for aspiring Apple fanbpys to get their hands on an iPhone device at really cheap prices — the iPhone SE 16GB variant is available for Rs 19,999 and the 64GB one for Rs 25,999 — it is still a pretty bad deal.
These prices are part of the “iPhone SE cash back offer” where customers are being offered a Rs 5,000 cash back on purchase of an iPhone SE if the transaction is completed using a credit or debit card (limited only to HSBC, ICICI Bank, Indusind Bank, Kotak, RBL Bank, SBI, Standard Chartered, UBI, Axis Bank, Citibank, HDFC Bank, and Yes Bank). The cash back offer on the iPhone SE was announced first on March 17, and it will continue till March 31.
The news about the new prices for the iPhone SE was first broken by Kerala-based retailer, IT Net Infocom, although no official confirmation has been given out by Apple as of yet.
There are many things to be criticised about the iPhone SE, some of them general Apple faults, others, others specific to the model.
The brand isn’t everything
Yes, Apple does manufacture great smartphones. And usually, despite their ridiculously high prices, they are well worth one selling their spare kidneys. But the iPhone SE is an outdated model that’s just being repurposed by the Cupertino based tech giant. It is nothing more than Apple's attempts to capture the mid-range smartphone market in India.
The iPhone SE comes with a 4-inch display and a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels. The phone has 2GB of RAM. The 12 megapixel primary camera is pretty great, where as the 1.2 megapixel front camera is mediocre at best. The phone runs on iOS 9.3.
Of course, the phone is a rather decent upgrade from the now-completely obsolete 5S. The RAM is a significant improvement, as is the battery (1624mAh compared to the older 1560mAh). But an improvement on a really old model doesn’t make the phone great in itself.
One primary problem, and one that’s not limited to just SE, is the 16GB variant. A 16GB hard drive, in this day and age, makes no sense at all. A huge chunk of that space is already taken up by the OS and preinstalled apps. The rest quickly gets consumed with data and more apps (because what would one do with a smartphone otherwise?)
The only people who opt for a 16GB variant of any phone are ones who either treat smartphones like a regular feature phone with a touchscreen, or ones who can’t afford a better variant. Of couse, there is a 64GB variant available as well, but it still doesn't excuse the existence of the other one.
Size is an issue
The design of the iPhone SE is
like that of the iPhone 5S. There isn’t room to fit the 3D Touch hardware inside it; hence you end up having to deal with a slower first-generation TouchID sensor. The screen is identical to the 5S not just in size and resolution but also in colour and contrast. Blacks are less black, which can make the display look dull compared to the newer models. exactly
All said and done, while the iPhone SE is not, strictly speaking, a bad phone. it is definitely not the Apple product you'd want to invest in, especially considering the fact that you can land yourself a better deal with a tonne of Android phones at that price.
The fact remains that an Apple loyalist, who has mostly like dumped their iPhone 5S ages ago, would definitely not like to downgrade to this model. And aspiring Apple owners, you can surely do a lot better. Save some more and buy an iPhone 6. Seriously!

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